Hearing from the Dead about Assisted Suicide

What inspired this blog entry today was what happened to me yesterday, when I slipped into a deep trance state and channeled a message and prediction from the dead.


As a medium whose life is dedicated to being a voice for the dead, I know they are very much alive and with us every step of the way. I always thought that when we die, we go to a better place and are at peace. But this is not necessarily the truth. What I have learned through the dead, is that if they have unfinished business with loved ones, they stay around as Guides to help us heal and live our best life, making up for what they couldn’t do for us while alive. And not all of them are earthbound.

Our book Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team! will be out this Spring 2016 where we share my sacred journey with the Other Side, coming out of the spiritual closet, developing my gift as a psychic medium, the kind of work we do with our clients and students, and a bunch of awesome self-help channeled exercises to teach you how to heal with your Guides in the spirit world. Since writing this book, many more learning experiences have continued to shape my life, who I am, how I work, and how I have come to learn more about the Other Side. Based on all this learning with the dead through our school Whitewolf Academy, working as a psychic detective for the dead on their murder and missing children cases, and in private practice conducting channeled therapy, we are currently writing two more books, We Are Still With You: Talking With Your Child About The Other Side and Hello From the Other Side: Can A Heart With No Pulse Still Beat?


Just yesterday, while channeling for a student, I fell into a deep trance state and found myself in a university library giving a reading to a group of students. As soon as it was my turn to speak, I was overcome by a spirit who took over my body and as I began to speak, my voice changed and I could barely move. I was aware that a spirit had entered my body and was speaking through me. As this spirit gasped for air trying desperately to find the energy to speak through me, in gurgled sounds she muttered, “I was very tired… I died with a ventilator mask on my face.” Apparently, the scene was so terrifying to the students who witnessed this, they all ran, and I was left with no one to help me out of this deep trance state.

Now, as a physical medium, there are different levels of consciousness we experience when we allow a spirit to enter and speak through us. When it comes to the deepest levels, it is vital to have what is called a gatekeeper there to help the medium come back from “death,” so to speak. I had no one there to help me, but she did as she guided me safely the easiest way down from the high.

When I awoke, I became aware that it was my grandmother who had entered me, as moments before her death at 102 she had a ventilator over her face. When the nurse and other family members left the room, I stayed and she kept removing the oxygen mask from her face so as to die. And I assisted her to do so as I whispered into her ear and stroked her hair, “It’s okay now, you have been a great mother and grandmother, you can let go, don’t worry, we will be okay.” Minutes later, the family returned to her room where she died in my arms, peacefully.

Not long after, she came to visit me in a dream, first thanking me for helping her die with dignity (without the mask on her face) and apologizing for not being able to speak any last words to me, whereas she managed to mutter a few to others. In that same dream, she also made it clear how proud she was of my academic accomplishments receiving a PhD and then a Postdoctorate.

It was my gram, once on the Other Side, who helped me to develop my mediumship ability, of which in one channeling session, she called what I did for her assisted dying.

This morning, at the breakfast table, I shared with my mother this trance state I had experienced yesterday evening with my grandmother, her mother, and wondered what message she was trying to get across to me. So as I began to explain the lucid dream this morning, I said to my mother, “You know, I helped gram die, she called what I did for her assisted dying.” Barely a minute later, in front of me on the breakfast table, I noticed a page from the Gazette with a photo of a few young men in a university library, and this prompted me to read the article entitled:


I share with you this article, here.

Clearly, my “dead” grandmother, wants to get her opinion across and vote on this matter. According to her, she hopes the law will protect those who are at the end of their lives and want to leave here with dignity.

Godbless the Above and Below who are working to clarify this law,

Dr. Leanne Levy ~ Akasha Whitewolf




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