Medical Intuition: Self Diagnosis


Every dis-ease and disease is an opportunity to learn a life lesson, break a pattern, heal, and thrive. When you discover its consciousness, bring your patterns into balance, and heal intimacy issues, you will be amazed at the power you have to prevent dis-ease and maximize holistic health. Once you learn how to identify specific components that create your discomfort, you are able to intervene in your pathological behavior, heal the condition, and bring yourself into greater harmonic health within and without.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 1.34.00 PMTHE WORKBOOK

In this 20 page workbook, you have two self-diagnosis forms to complete, which are designed to teach you about who you are and why you manifest the psychological and physical dis-eases and diseases you suffer from. Using all of the information provided in the Chakra Self-Diagnosis Form and the Decoding Discomfort Form, you will have a barometer of how to bring yourself back into balance.



Chakras are bioenergetic centres that are connected to your endocrine (glandular) system in your body. Each chakra is connected to a gland and body system(s), and like a DVD, stores pivotal information (consciousness) that determines why you breed certain illnesses (dis-ease and disease). When you embark on this self-diagnosis program, you will also be learning about the psychological, emotional, and physical aspects within each chakra. In “Rainbow Medicine” we teach you about every aspect of each of your chakras and at the end of each chakra chapter we provide you with healing channeled therapy exercises.

When you purchase this independent therapy program we provide you with the passwords for each chakra webpage.

Root Therapy

Sacral Therapy 

Solar Plexus Therapy

Heart Therapy

Throat Therapy

Third Eye Therapy

Crown Therapy



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