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About the Author

Love Medium, Dr. Leanne Levy  aka Akasha WhiteWolf is a women’s rights and afterlife advocate and leading authority on the development of authentic Self-Empowerment, InterDimensional Identity and Life in the AfterLife. As a voice for the departed, she combines therapy and psychic mediumship in her interDimensional holistic healing and teaching practice. From spirit communication, life path and medical intuition readings to channeled psychotherapy and paranormal counselling, she helps you to speak with loved ones on the other side, heal together, see the way ahead, know your purpose, and potentiate yourself. Dr. Levy gives readings, channeled therapy and counsels clients all over the world. screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-5-25-17-pm

Channeled Therapy

About the book “Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team!”

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Everyone loves a mystical experience believing it’s a sign… Chances are, it is!

We all have an Angelic team (A-Team) of spirits who root for us, love us, want to help us manifest our desires and dreams, and see us succeed on our highest path. Ultimately, what they all want for us is to come into greater self-love, self-worth, and personal truth so that we may learn from our experiences, understand the lessons of the whys, forgive ourselves and others for any wrongdoing, clear our karmic debts, and discover and use our gifts to live a fulfilling life.

Just because they are in a higher dimension with greater understanding of the larger whole doesn’t mean they don’t feel our pain, cry with and for us, and have lessons to learn and karmic ties and debts to make good on. When we hurt they hurt, when we shine they shine. They are with us every step of the way. So please know that when you heal yourself, you also heal your entire ancestral bloodline, in every direction of time.

Together, Spirit and I developed a language to help you coheal and cocreate your best life with your A-Team, we call it Rainbow Medicine Therapy with the A-Team! This Instructional Guide about Spirit Communication and Holistic Healing will awaken you to your True Self and Best Life Path. Through sharing up close and personal experiences, professional cases, and healing and psychic mediumship development exercises, we teach you how-to recognize the signs, decode spirit communication, conduct holistic health readings for you and your pets, discover your purpose and path, and engage in therapy with your A-Team to face your fears, heal yourself and your relationships, and live your best life, now. All exercises focus on holistic healing; psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual. No prior experience with Spirit necessary, all levels welcome.

Coheal and cocreate your best life with your A-Team. Rainbow Medicine Therapy with the A-Team!

2017 Rainbow Medicine Book Signing Events Calendar


To learn about Dr. Levy~ Akasha WhiteWolf, please visit this link: https://hellofromtheotherside.co/dr-leanne-levy/

Press Interview About the Book

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Available in bookstores and online at Chapters Indigo, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and directly at RainbowMedicineTherapywiththeA-Team!

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