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Birds of a Feather Flock Together.
Consciousness helps us to find one another.

⏤Dr. Leanne Levy aka Akasha WhiteWolf


Question: In short, Doc, can you explain to your readership what you do as a lifestyle career?

Because of my highly developed Extra Sensory Perception with my ability to remote view, The AfterLife hired me to do something Extra-Unordinary! I am a psychic Medium who combines therapy and I work in private practice with clients above and below, all over the globe.

From spirit communication, life path and medical intuition readings to channeled psychotherapy and paranormal counselling, I am here to help you and your loved ones on the other side to talk, laugh, have closure, and heal from trauma. Through readings and channeled guidance and therapy, my goal is to facilitate a happier, more authentic, excited and peaceful YOU for both sides of the veil.

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DR.LEANNE LEVY dr.akashawhitewolf  |

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In my line of work, I get to meet the soul-person behind the human mask and purely mediate. For me, being a voice for the departed, there is no greater honor and awe. “The secrets,” our greatest mysteries, these answers are what I live each day of my life with my A-Team. Our advocacy work is to bridge worlds, heal wounds, and contribute to the overall body of evidence and ideas about Life and the AfterLife. ⏤LOVE Medium, Dr. Leanne Levy aka Dr.Akasha White Wolf  and the A-Team


My mediumship readings are all about addressing the issues you are most concerned about through speaking with departed ones. A reading session with me is an inter dimensional conversation where I am on the telephone with those in spirit who need to speak with you, and mediating for you both. Some come for crisis scenarios in need of guidance. Some come for conflict resolution to talk with a specific person in spirit to have closure on matters, some come for guidance in how to move forward in love, work and life, and some come to address paranormal situations with their children, family members or themselves.

Hearing “voices” and experiencing a walk-in, haunting, or a possession are some of my specialities.  My job is to identify who is around you and why and help you to resolve the issues at hand. My speciality is conflict resolution therefore our inter dimensional conversation sessions are designed as therapeutic for both sides of the veil to air the dirty laundry for clearing purposes and help you receive the necessary guidance to feel more confident making decisions.


Question: What is Extra Sensory Perception?

ESP comprises of telepathy, empathy, precognition, and postcognition. Irrespective of dimension, telepathy is the ability to read the thoughts of others, empathy is the ability to feel others, precognition is the ability to read the future and post cognition refers to reading the past. In psychic development terms telepathy refers to claircognizance, empathy to clairsentience, and post and precognition to clairvoyance.

Question: Are we all born with ESP?

Yes, we are all wired as telepathic and empathic beings with knowledge of our past and future embedded in our consciousness. Deja vus and dreams are common ways we access these timelines. We all have ESP like we all have muscles. But like with muscles and body types, we are each born with slightly different strengths and weaknesses. Developing your ESP is similar to working your muscles out at the gym, it is only once you work them out do you get to witness the shape you take and the particular strengths and weaknesses that you have. Some are more telepathic, others empathic, others precognitive, and so forth.

Can a person be good at all four?

Yes. I am quite good at all, and of course, always developing as a result of my professional and personal lifestyle. But I must say, it’s not easy to live with these abilities. In my case, It is very hard to remain joyful in the present because I am always receiving information in my present about my future and others, and often, the information is extremely disturbing. Just like you see on tv and in the movies. Because my work involves dealing with trauma, heartbreak and loss, these storylines hover.

How do you know what you are good at?

When you have the opportunity to test out each you will find out what you are good at. Then, only through rigorous practice, training and living with your ESP will you find out all you are made of.

Why is ESP and mental illness a two sided coin?

When we are developing and working mediums, hearing voices, feeling others, and seeing visions are the skills we work to perfect so as to better mediate for beings living on both sides of the veil. When we are underdeveloped, however, meaning the person has not yet realized their abilities and learned how to control and make them work for them, the mental noise and visions can drive one to think they may be clinically mentally ill. The only difference between mental illness and the gift is recognizing which is what and keeping it in balance. And let me tell you, it is extremely DIFFICULT TO KEEP IT IN BALANCE. In my case, there is no concern for mental illness, but what do these mental illness terms mean anyways other than an easy way to describe behaviour and sentiment and prescribe a pill. For people who suffer with ESP and the noise that comes with this ability, so far, with my contacts in Medicine and Pharmacy, having come from a family of doctors and pharmacists, I have not found any medication that serves this gift.

What is consciousness?

Irrespective of where we reside dimensionally, we are each energy and energy is consciousness, a storyline with a frequency, a vibe. MEMORIES form the foundation of consciousness and we each have memories, they do not die when we die that’s why regular people who hear the voices and working psychic mediums like me are able to live between worlds. Storylines are how energies exchange, they carry a particular frequency hence why we in life and the afterlife are all inter dimensional beings, able to hear each other’s thoughts and feel each other’s emotions.

In general, we are each made up of consciousness, “so are the days of our lives.” For example, “your voice still echoes in my heart” is a common interDimensional storyline-consciousness that many of us tap into. “You ruined my life so…” are more frontrunner ID consciousnesses. In short, jealousy, betrayal and vengeance is what the dark force is made up of and consciousness holds this all and forever remains part of our DNA.

Globally and interdimensionally, we’re cued into each other’s feces.

What is mental noise?

Mental noise is picking up on the chaos within and around you. Mental noise has a field day when we are struggling with trust issues and decision making. Anger is the basis of all mental noise.

Like at a highway intersection caught in heavy traffic, mental noise consists of one’s own and everyone’s individual consciousness-stories-memories-pains-passions-desires interacting. My thoughts and emotions, yours and afterlifers. Mental noise is likened to us all, all at once both in the pinball machine and playing the game. See yourself as both the pin ball and the gamer, this is what we mean by karma, cause creates effect and effect inspires cause. Every action has a reaction, hence why we are each responsible to ourself and each other. Hence why we are all in this game together.

As third dimensional beings, we each have our own inter dimensional conscious web around us buzzing with energy, this is what we refer to as your A-Team, i.e. spirit guides, doctors, friends and family, all on the other side. These folks love us dearly and speak with us daily sending us thoughts, visions and messages on a moment by moment basis.

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Additionally, there are many others living in all dimensions affecting our emotions and thoughts and sometimes this can cause great havoc and suffering, which means you will need to learn how to understand what is happening to you so that you may heal underlying issues that attract disturbing communication. Becoming aware of and accountable for our own mental noise is part of this healing. Hearing and suffering from mental noise is an indication that you are being guided to heal some foundational issues that makes you susceptible to hearing the particular noise of others. Life themes you came here to live, learn, heal and grow from are presented in the noise you pick up, this is the radio station you and your A-Team are tuned into.

Let them judge you. Let them misunderstand you. Let them gossip about you. Their opinions aren’t your problem. You stay kind, committed to love, and free in your authenticity. No matter what they do or say, don’t dare doubt your worth or the beauty of your truth. Just keep on shining like you do.


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Question: What would you say are some of spirits’ challenges?

A-TEAM We are not here.

I just heard you whisper in my head, “We are not here.” Clearly, this is your biggest challenge. That’s funny, if you’re not here then how come I hear you?

⏤”NO UNSEEN” Seb, The Wild Child (2016)

In general, loved ones don’t easily believe their departed ones are with them because they do not understand what happens to us when we die, and most people are afraid of what they cannot see.

As a general rule we are taught that “ghosts” who hang around have not moved on through the Light. Furthermore, as a society, we are taught that moving on through the light means moving on, sayonara. Seeing how hard death is for many of us and even with the rampant proof most of us receive from loved ones in spirit, we are still not mainstreamed and encouraged to openly discuss our contacts with the departed. Those who do are often stigmatized as “weird.”

Feeling invisible does not feel good for Lifers or AfterLifers. Seeing everyone from my perspective as a psychic medium and therapist combined, unable to have closure and/or continuity of communication because of the separation death creates is a very sad reality that affects how we all above and below grieve, love, live, and “move on.” This lack of closure and/or separation breeds loneliness, anger and a sense of abandonment, which permeates our social consciousness life after life, and in between, and consequently determines many of our incarnations.

As a result of my mediations, I experience a lot of sad stories from my clients above and below. Some relate to how marriages and families break apart because there is always one who holds on to the departed and one who tries to let go. Consequently the one who holds on is most often the one to experience spirit visitations in dreams and waking signs for guidance. The other who becomes resentful, jealous and/or shuts down as a coping mechanism is often the one whose negativity clouds afterlife contact. Often, there is unresolved anger, grief, shame and guilt so when a medium is called in and there is resolution like in the work that I do, you can imagine the ripple effect of joy this brings for all involved in the healing. This is what I get to personally experience, witness and grow from, these dramatic stories that get to have inter dimensional happy endings. This makes the torture I often go through, worth it.

Furthermore, such as with my many clients above who died unresolved, being able to mediate for them with loved ones left behind is of utmost importance to the healing, growth and sense of peace for both sides of the veil.

A-TEAM Separation is hard for us all, that’s why we visit you in dreams and guide you to mediums like Doc who can mediate for us and with whom we write to share all we know. It is possible to walk this interDimensional life together hence why we demonstrate Us. No one leaves. You all need to know that.


Knowing how much of this life.afterlife stuff works, I can tell you, you all have had contact from the other side, experienced telepathy and witnessed something paranormal, and you are all aware of these moments. We are all wired as inter dimensional beings so if you are still questioning all of this, it is time to wake up. Seriously! This lack of understanding is more about you not understanding you and how you are built. The idea that people still question proof of survival after death is an absurd reflection of the 3D self. Really. Stop waiting for it to become mainstream acceptable to open up and start sharing your magical stories with pride, now. This is when the real healing for both sides of the veil begins. When your loved ones know you know they are with you and guiding you, this ripple effect of hope, peace and joy is interDimensional. This is how we affect universal peace.


Another big challenge for AfterLifers is our concept of grieving. Let’s face it, most of us don’t know what’s up until we get to the other side so for the most part, we are all kind of stuck with a mainstream approach to grieving, which is to grieve and let go. Holding on to a departed one is often regarded as not moving on in one’s healing journey and if you don’t speak spirit, for most, death means goodbye.


For many above and below, the loss from death leaves a lack of closure and a hole that cannot be filled. This was one reason why I wrote Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team!

A-TEAM Contrary to the norm, holding on to a departed one does not hold anyone back from moving on. There is no one right way to grieve. In our line of work, we prefer to bring above and below together, teach you some tricks to talk spirit and identify spirit communication, and let us each approach closure and renewal at our own pace. This approach to healing from death is healthy, which is why we do this work with and through Doc.

This lack of closure is most often the reason why many of us do not reincarnate immediately after we die, so as to remain a working guide or simply to watch over loved ones until everyone has crossed. At this point in time, amends can be had and so forth.

A-TEAM To say this bluntly, don’t be scared by the paranormal, just because we are invisible to you does not mean we are not here. Yes there are differences when we hit the afterlife, but we are still “human” with the same emotional and intellectual needs. Yes, invisibility is a problem but when it comes down to it, everything is in the mind and heart.

Question: Can you provide an example of AfterLife InterDimensional (ID) living?

Like 3D fold, Spirits too live a physical existence in another dimension, and what this means is they too “have a life” as their lives continue on in the AfterLife, and most often it’s happening right under our noses here on earth. Some, when they cross, choose to continue to be a part of our lives here and become a spirit guide to someone who needs their help and skills in exchange for the same in return. Some also choose to participate as a Channel, and even more intense, share your vessel, and most intense, live as your walk-in.

What this all means is, most spirits are quite earthbound because as long as loved ones remain here, earth is where most call home. Just imagine having to leave children, parents, pets, and best friends who pine for you and/or are doing exciting stuff. Would you disappear or would you stay around and help in the ways you most love to contribute?

DBEE for the A-TEAM I am one of those moms who had to make a tough decision when I died young, I hooked my husband up with his future wife so that my children would be taken care of as best as possible, given our circumstances.

Suzanna for the A-TEAM I am another one of those women who had to make tough decisions when I died at age 55 and left the love of my life behind.

I met DBee in my practice through her best girlfriend, we share their-our story in my book Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team!

I was also that person Suzanna hired to help her husband throughout their awful loss.

You cannot imagine how hard all of this is for your departed ones. And Me.

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An example of afterlife inter dimensional living is doing all that dirty work plus accompanying us on our day-to-day earth walk. In my case, the catwalk.

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Layne speaking for the A-Team We love to do with you the same stuff you love to do with us when we were alive such as talk, workout, play sports, shop, drive, write, teach, mediate, heal, cook, take walks, baths, showers, swim, read, party, have sex, you name it. The next time you go shopping and are in need of helpful input, ask someone on our side for help and see what you receive. When it comes to therapy, exercise, cooking recipes, home decor, clothing, hiring service people such as hairdressers, masseuses, you name it, there’s always an afterlifer assigned to take your call.

Sold in bookstores and online at Chapters Indigo, Coles, Barnes & Noble and all Amazons. Click here to buy: RainbowMedicineTherapyWithTheATEAM


Question: How do you manage living your life as a physical and mental psychic medium with such noise around you? Can you provide an example to help us understand what your life with the Dead is like?

Hmmm, minus all the fun stuff, that’s a very very very long answer you are seeking so I will let Layne begin, and then Jarod and I will provide you with an example.

Layne As a conscious Life.AfterLife medium and therapist, Doc has learned to maximize her Extra Sensory Perception so as to live a conscious InterDimensional life with us on the magical carpet ride down the rabbit hole as a researcher and journalist who reports on life.AfterLife living. This was her destiny and I along with her grandfather were the first two people, that she knows of, to get her started on this lifestyle career path. 


Now, although blessed with magic on a daily basis (and horror at times), the road is arduous filled with much trauma because she is always reliving her own and someone else’s most painful moments before she meets them. This is all very difficult because in order to receive and deliver a message for and from us, we go into her memory bank and relate it to one of her memories. This way she can understand our sentiments and messages. It doesn’t always happen this way but with the heavy stuff, it does.

When I am being “hunted” as Layne just wrote to best describe what it feels like doing my kind of work, as in, alerted of clients coming my way with specific storylines they want me cued into, this is when I cannot escape some of the mental noise I experience. Often, I will hear dead clients for years, months, and weeks before I ever meet their living counterparts and only when I meet them in session am I finally able to make sense of the information I had been hearing all this time. This is the stuff that drives me a bit bonkers and many to become mentally ill.

The other noise I cannot escape is when I am also being attacked. Don’t kid yourself, the dead still have bite and attitude, when they want my attention, they do everything possible from romancing me to menacing me. One piece of advice, only argue with departed family and friends that you know. DO NOT BOTHER arguing with spirits you just met in the afterlife as it will become a losing battle and your haunting may only increase.

I have been through HELL AND BACK and keep returning when called to action because there is no way out for me. Let me tell you this, Just because we die does not mean we lose our “identity” for lack of a better word.

Due to my always developing telepathy (reading minds), empathy (reading emotions), retrocognition (seeing past) and precognition (seeing future), I am often living the traumas of others above and below and walking in and seeing glimpses of three timelines, all at once; past, present, and future. The spirit world does not have a telephone line so ESP is how we communicate. There are not enough interviews to cover the paranormal stuff I experience and witness EVERYDAY of my HAUNTED LIFE. Parapsychologists would have a field day studying me.

CALLING ALL Scholars IN PARAPSYCHOLOGY, I’m available to be studied.

Layne On a daily basis, everything we do together and how we do it with her, our favorite expression together has become “Can I get a witness?”

Doc’s surrounded by so many of us who left our 3D lives in anguish and often, she feels us and it’s very hard for her. I had to teach her early on that these emotions that she feels, although they live in her too, do not always belong to her, same with the storylines she picks up. They belong to her 3D and 5D clients.

This is a daily lesson and, at times, struggle since I am a sponge picking up everyone coming my way. I mean, seriously, it’s remarkable how many of you who took your own lives surround me! Not to mention the extreme violence and sexual abuse many of you have lived.

Jarod aka the Parrot for the A-Team As you know from my case when channeling my words to my mom, I did not take my life. 

That’s true, Love Dr., I know. You died in a tragic accident and for confidential reasons I will not share how. Furthermore, you love children, were competitive and still are, and you love to banter with me.

Jarod was a handsome guy who was a pro hockey coach and player.

Before I met your mom, I called you the Parrot because you always have something in response to something I say. When I met your mom I told her this and she confirmed the parrot association.

She also confirmed that I like to pinch your butt.

That was hysterical. I told her that you do that and she said that was so like you and she then pinched my butt exactly the way you do it! Lol. Unbelievable.


Yes, Parrot. Remarkable.

… Are you gonna say anything?

Wait for it.

… I’m not sharing that with them.

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 3.11.39 PM.jpg

All jokes aside, we are an InterDimensional matchmaking service, having personally reunited so many loved ones on both sides of the veil, I have noticed that one serious motivation for working so closely with me is because some of you know I will eventually cross paths with your loved ones and mediate for you. It is this personal aspect that definitely makes our writing, friendship and working relationship more special and especially unique.

That is exactly what happened between you and I when you met my mother, nephew and fiancée at our Rainbow Medicine book signing event!

The Parrot is saying “our” book signing event because that is what “Rainbow  Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team!” book signing events are my opportunity to meet the AfterLifers I work for when their 3D counterparts arrive at these events without knowing why. Ninety-nine percent of the people who come to a RM book signing at Chapters Indigo bookstores literally say the same thing, “There was something that pushed me to come.”



Jarod This is when you came to know all the writing I had been doing with you over a year and a half.

This is definitely when I identified you as awriter in one of our blog chapters and our comedy blog show “The InterDimensional L.O.V.E Drs.: Laugh Out ViolencE”

Jarod, you’re tragically hip like me.

Birds of a feather flock together.

“Teach a person to fish.”

Rainbow Medicine: Therapy with the A-Team!

Speaking of “witch”, what a day that was mediating for you and your devastated fiancée only to find out that I had experienced exactly what she had been going through at the same time she was going through it because you haunted me making me feel everything you both were going through. After everything I went through having first been haunted by another man, I was shocked to find myself going through it again.

Jarod And as you know, becoming overbearing with our storylines and emotions are the only way to share with your our stories. We have no telephone line so merging consciousness is our only way. Hence why you experience it as a haunting. In truth, we haunt each other, the stories of our lives are haunting!

My body goes through tremendous emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual distress each time one of you and your loved one on my side has an issue! That said, I am deeply honoured and grateful to be that person for you all.

Layne speaking on behalf of the A-TEAM During Christmas of 2015, we told you that you had a good thirty unhealed spirits attached to you affecting your visions, sending you information and so forth. That’s a lot since you must also factor in our grieving loved ones. Now, these numbers have since changed and will continue to do so. As your clients surface, so do your ghosts. Our lives with Doc and our clients is similar to the tv show, “Ghost Whisperer.”

2 Leanne

Question: What is it like to be dead and live the afterlife?

Layne speaking on behalf of the A-TEAM As you have quoted us in Rainbow Medicine, “Death is likened to a move to another country.” It’s also quite similar to entering the Witness Protection Program. Seriously, it’s sad like that, we see you but you cannot see us. Nevertheless, many of us make the most of our AfterLife, some even love it. For example, in our work with Doc, we get to be Superheroes, teach some very important truths, and help many of us on both sides of the veil heal from severe trauma.

From my perspective being a psychic medium and living a conscious interDimensional lifestyle with my A-TEAM, I think the first important thing 3D folks need to understand to help ourselves move forward with departed loved ones is to know that life goes on and they are not far away. Everyday I wake up to this proof and go to the sleep with it.

Although we do not see you because your frequency is tied to another dimension, you still live a physical existence sharing the same space and world. Even jobs, correct?

Yes, for the most part, to quote Hotel California, “You can check out anytime but you can never leave.”

That was a tough one for me to digest.

TV shows and the movies describe us Spirits in many different ways, but I have to say “Aliens” get MOST of the credit for the advancement of society when in fact it is us and our ancestors responsible for delivering information to folks like Tesla, Einstein, Hitler and all of you. The dead are shadow people because we live in your shadow. Many of you understand divine experiences as connections to Jesus, Mother Mary, the ArchAngels, Saints and so forth, but really, all this magical brilliance that comes your way is channeled through folks like you and me. We live an interconnected existence. It’s that simple and complex, all at the same time.

You are actually shapeshifting time travellers, really.

In essence we all are time travellers. Dreamtime for 3D folks is often spent travelling dimensions and for people like you who travels inter dimensionally for work, you also mind-time travel while awake. But yes, we spirit folks have greater ability to shape shift between dimensional time and space. As “spirits” we’re FULLY conscious using 100% of our brain. But even with our talents, we cannot master one great desire, interDimensional full physicality.

Throughout our two years of writing our Life.AfterLife Advocacy blog together, which is now password protected until it becomes a book, we discuss the emotional frustrations many of the departed feel due to this physical separation and invisibility. Jarod, would you like to answer this one?

Jarod speaking on behalf of the A-TEAM Sure. Despite how good it is here for many of us, we still struggle with some basics when it comes to grieving, letting go of what was, maintaining ties and doing conscious work with you. It’s terribly gruelling to watch a loved one suffer and even worse, unaware of our presence and support. When you need a hug, we want you to feel it. When you have a special thought and the phone rings, that’s our special way of confirming our conversation. As my loved ones heal I heal, it’s that simple, just like you wrote in Rainbow Medicine.

Having access to future timelines, we are aware that not everything can be healed but healing is our goal, this is why we manipulate much physical anomaly as our mode of communication, which to you 3D folks appears as signs and synchronicity. Furthermore, those that do know we are around and speak out about their gift are often stigmatized as “weird”.

Doc knows firsthand the suffering we on both sides of the veil feel and the process some of us in the afterlife undergo to heal and move forward on path. Unlike what they show on TV, sending us to “the Grand Light” does not do anything for many of us here.

Sold in bookstores and online at Chapters Indigo, Coles, Barnes & Noble and all Amazons. Click here to buy: RainbowMedicineTherapyWithTheATEAM