Relationship Therapy with the A-Team: Independent Therapy

Relationship Therapy with the A-Team! Healing Codependency

We refer to the process of engaging in therapy with your loved ones on the otherside as Rainbow Medicine. This process involves asking for insight and guidance into your underlying issues—emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual. By having conversations through light trance work, and pulling cards and channeling answers according to questions asked, we can gain tremendous insight into the seeds of our discomforts and illnesses, and heal ourselves.

This series combines reading material and holistic healing exercises. All reading and exercise material is available on our website under the individual Chakra Therapy links: within these links, click on the individual chakra exercise links available on each page and you will be taken to a private page. These medical intuitive oriented exercise chapters also include natural remedies using animal and crystal medicine.

We recommend you read each chakra chapter before doing the exercises, and print out the exercise documents and fill them in, if your partner/friend participates, have him/her do the same. If you are working on this with another, do these exercises alone, in private, then come together as ‘the couple’ and discuss your answers.

Should you uncover some painful issues and would like to discuss them, you are free to book a phone therapy session with us at any point.


Relationship Therapy with the A-Team Package $600

*This INTENSIVE Series includes codependency oriented exercises for each chakra. We recommend you spend 2-4 weeks per each chakra therapy unit.

60 min. Phone session $125

90 min. Phone session $150

When you email us your request at to purchase this package we forward you a paypal invoice link where you can purchase the program. When we recieve confirmation, we email you the passwords for each page where you can print out the exercises.